Friday, November 16, 2007

Curvaceous Gray Matter

This is beautiful.
Now not only are curvy women more attractive to men, they're also more intelligent and more likely to have intelligent children. Now we have to beat ourselves up about our bodies and our brains jointly, rather than separately. Here's the best line:
"The researchers believe that the results offer a new explanation for why many men find curvy women more alluring."
What, was the old explanation not convincing enough? When we insist that a man who goes for a woman's body is really--though subconsciously--doing it to satisfy his evolutionary desire to have smarter children, we're adding an entirely unnecessary degree of complexity to his motives, and legitimizing his lechery. Especially when only eight percent of women have the "hourglass" figure that seems to be so coveted, do we really need a study telling the other 92% that they're somehow both less intelligent AND less attractive?

*No, I don't hate men and I'm not bitter. I just think this is awfully silly.


  1. What do they classify as curvaceous? Are they referring to hourglass figures, or women with some padding in the right places? (I didn't read the article - yet). In either case I guess that is unfair, but you must count the women with the capacity to have said curves if they were of the proper weight, right? You get too fat, no curves, you get too skinny, no curves. If this article were true... wouldn't all those women regarded by general society as "hot" be geniuses and the nerds and geeks of the world would be stunningly beautiful? I would argue that women like you that can claim to have looks and brains are a rarity.

  2. Oh, Amy, you're just jealous that I'm smarter AND more intelligent than you.