Saturday, November 10, 2007

True Intimacy--not found in HD

The New York Times printed this article:

Wow. Porn stars are complaining that HD technology is forcing them to get breast implants and be impossibly beautiful. Gosh, I feel so bad for them. How do the rest of us feel, do they figure?

And try the rest of the article on for size:

“HD is great because people want to see how people really look,” Ms.
Price said. “People just want to see what’s real.”

Nope, try again. If people want to see what's real, they don't go for porn. Porn is in no way real. Porn is fake--a vicious, brutal, terrible, evil fake.

"Ms. Price is allowing them to do so, mostly. She had laser treatments
to diminish tiny purple veins on her thighs that weren’t visible to
viewers before.

“You can see things you cannot see with the naked eye. You see skin
blemishes; you see cottage cheese,” said Robby D. “But some cellulite
is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s kind of sexy.”

Wow. Now cellulite is sexy. Guess we're all okay, then.

"The technology makes the experience more intimate, he said.
“People look to adult movies for personal contact, and yet they’re still
not getting it. HD lets them see a little bit more of the girl.”

That's the most beautiful line in the article. People look to porn for personal contact, but--shocker--they're not getting it. Somehow we assume the solution to this lack of human contact must be to put the porn in High-Definition. Maybe, instead, the answer is that you're looking in the wrong place for intimacy. There's nothing more pathetic than trying to find a connection by interacting with a two-dimensional non-woman on a screen, HD or not. If you're missing a human connection, show love to your wife, don't make love to your computer screen.

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  1. Great comments Amy. In general, the media starts to tell us that what we see on TV is real. But the only way to experience what is real is to live.