Friday, December 28, 2007

Bored Games...and other life postulates

The other day David and I were talking about my blog. He said, "I haven't been commenting on it lately because you haven't been saying anything controversial." So much for writing beautiful things about the Lord's love. Apparently I have to write something incendiary to get comments.

I realized today how much I like simple things. I don't like having to make elaborate arrangements for a date. I don't like games with millions of rules (think Axis and Allies or football), and I don't like complicated relationships. I think outings should be simple and meaningful, and leave lots of time for personal interaction rather than creating a contrived activity to fill time. I think games should have a few simple, easily explainable rules, and rely mostly on skill, rather than chance, to win. (Think Spit or Blokus or Snatch or Set) I also think games should start and finish in under half an hour. (Maybe I have a short attention span.) I think relationships should be open, full of honest communication, with game-playing and other such stupidity held to a minimum. (They should start and finish within half an hour, too. Just kidding. My attention span isn't quite THAT short.)

I like simple things. Life is already too complicated.

"I glory in plainness; I glory in truth" (2 Nephi 33:6).

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  1. Amy, your ideas of simple relationships I think is almost too ideal to be acheivable. Eventually you are going to hate whoever you end up with and I think those half an hours of board games allow for humor and joy to trickle back in. Think about it. Don't you hate things about your family the more time you spend with them? How else can you exist other than pulling out a board game or playing a three hour card game?

    My family played Scrabble the other night. As miserable as it was, I felt like it was a better time for my father. He was winning and he was happy to be in the lead. His usual impatience disappeared while we played that game. I think the card game, set, is a great way to develop creativity.

    Also, these constructive games that you so detest seem to be simple. Are not basic things the goal? Board games help simplifly our lives. With a board game a productive life outside of the subtraction of interaction video game circle is possible.