Saturday, December 15, 2007

Twisted Roots

Daniel sent me this article today. Now I feel better about spending hours writing essays about religious (and other) topics.

In other news, I've been transcribing my great-great-great grandfather's journal recently. It's about 800 pages long, and the handwriting, spelling, and grammar are often hard to decipher, so it's slow going. It recounts his missionary work in England. I just got through Christmas and New Year's, and now it's January 1892. He seemed to do a lot of the same things each day, but reading about my ancestor's life fascinates me. With the connections I'm making and the puzzle pieces I'm putting together, it has become really enjoyable.

My uncle put together a family history book recently, and I've been reading bits of it. It's an incredible wealth of information. I never realized what fascinating (and at times shady) lives my ancestors lef.

I'd better quit procrastinating and go study for my programming test now. Good luck to those of you taking finals this week!

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