Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Caravan Moves On

"The Church is like a great caravan—organized, prepared, following an appointed course, with its captains of tens and captains of hundreds all in place...

"Is there a ravine to cross, a miry mud hole to pull through, a steep grade to climb? So be it. The oxen are strong and the teamsters wise. The caravan moves on.

"Are there storms that rage along the way, floods that wash away the bridges, deserts to cross, and rivers to ford? Such is life in this fallen sphere. The caravan moves on.

"Ahead is the celestial city, the eternal Zion of our God, where all who maintain their position in the caravan shall find food and drink and rest. Thank God that the caravan moves on!" (Bruce R. McConkie, October 1989)

I got the opportunity to attend President Hinckley's funeral yesterday. It was an incredibly moving and powerful experience. President Hinckley has been "my prophet" since I was eight years old. He taught me to be grateful, smart, clean, true, humble, and prayerful. He taught me to love the temple and the Lord whose house it is. He taught me to be optimistic about the future, not to be afraid to share my testimony with my friends, to be happy, and to stand as a witness of God. He is a great man and a servant of God, and I will miss him.

I was impressed by the beauty of the Lord's organization of His Church. There will be no infighting over President Hinckley's successor, no anxious crowds waiting on Temple Square for a puff of white smoke, no worry about whether President Monson will be a hard-liner or will take the Church in a different direction. There is a great peace in the Church, even with the passing of a beloved leader. The caravan moves on.

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