Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pahking My Cah By The Big Red Barn

I am a New Englander. I've heard some funny stereotypes of New Englanders over the years, and I've decided to set the record straight.

Here are some stereotypes that aren't true:
No, we're not all rich WASPy prep school kids.
No, the entire Eastern seaboard is not covered with cities.
No, my hometown does not look like New York City. We actually have far more land per household than people in Utah do.
No, it doesn't snow six months of the year. That's Alaska.
No, we're not curt and unfriendly.
No, we don't all say "pahk my cah."

...and some that are:
Yes, we consider 6 inches of snow "a dusting."
Yes, it's impossible to tell which direction is north.
Yes, we have roads that are impossible to navigate unless you know where you're going.
Yes, we measure distance in hours.
Yes, "turn left at the big red barn" is an acceptable way to give directions.
Yes, we have more trees than people.
Yes, the humidity really is 120% in the summer.
Yes, an elevation change of a few hundred feet really is called a "mountain," which makes Westerners chortle.
Yes, I absolutely love it.

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