Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Much I Know Is True

This is, with minor revision, the testimony I shared in church last week.

I have been pondering, these last few months, the story told in the gospel of Mark about the father of a boy sick of the palsy. When he saw Jesus, he came with his child in his arms, pleading, “Lord, if thou canst do anything, have mercy on us, and help us.” The Lord told him that all things were possible if he believed. The gospel then records that “immediately he cried out, and said, with tears, “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.”

I feel a lot like that man. I feel like crying to the Lord in equal parts faith and desperation, “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” My belief is far from perfect, but it is strong, and I pray that it will be enough.

I have also been struck lately with Nephi’s response to the angel, when he asked, “Knowest thou the condescension of God?” Nephi admitted a lack of understanding, but declared, “I know that God loveth His children, nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all things.” I feel like Nephi. I do not know the meaning of all things. In fact, I know the meaning of very few things, indeed. But there are a few things I do know. I know God lives. Like Nephi, I know God loves His children. I know that He knows me. I know that He hears and answers every sincere prayer, even if I do not always understand His answer. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior., and that His is the only name given under heaven whereby men and women can be saved I know that the Atonement is the greatest power in eternity, that it is greater than all the forces of earth and hell combined. I know that it is the power to overcome all things, to be at peace, to be healed, and to be made whole. And I know that when I come before God in humility, desiring to give up all my sins to know Him, He will, through the power of His Son’s Atonement, heal my heart, see my belief, and help my unbelief.

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