About Me

I'm a cross-wearing, Hanukkah-celebrating rosary-loving hijab-wearing Mormon. So I'm probably not the gold standard for "normal." Oh, and I read books like they're going out of style.

I'm a New Englander and I act like it. I'm not very bubbly, but if you crack my shell we'll be friends forever. I don't play mind games--a straight question will get you a straight answer. I'm an introvert with a sarcastic streak.

I like petting cats when I'm lonely, but I don't have any obsessive affection for animals. I do adopt "pet topics," which get stuck in my head like an annoying song and bounce around in there until I have written a paper on them.

I'm an engineer, which makes me practical, but I'm more interested in social issues, philosophical debates, and religious nuances than most engineers are. I have been most concisely described as "terminally rational." I have a sometimes-irreverent sense of humor.

I'm not a steamroller, but I'm not a doormat--I have strong opinions and enjoy discussing them. I'm only moderately fond of long walks on the beach =). I like music from several genres, but not rap or country or anything that could be characterized using the words "death" or "acid." I have a deep and abiding dislike for Twilight and all things related thereto. I love to cook and I'll feed anyone who walks through my door.

I have three younger brothers, and they are the best brothers any girl could wish for. Ever since they got taller than me they've taken to calling me their "little sister." I have a kind, brilliant, handsome husband who loves me more than I deserve and helps me be my best self.  
I turn orange when I consume too many carrots.

I despise Hollister and Abercrombie. I love swing and social dancing. I show affection by teasing people and calling everyone "dear." If I could get a frivolous degree, it would be in religion/New Testament, or maybe economics. I love to read and sing and write and teach Sunday School. I'm a big fan of fine cheese and The West Wing, I love Indian food and sushi, I want to go back to Jerusalem, and I think Chrome is the True and Living Browser.


  1. You are awesome. Can we be friends?

  2. Based on your profile here I'm pretty sure I have a major girl crush on you. I have a degree in French Lit and I minored in Religious Studies. Needless to say I don't really fit in with most Mormon women. Especially here in Utah. :)

    Shawna Faye

  3. I love what I have read so far. Thinking is good. Thinking outside of the box makes me happy. Openly thinking and saying and sharing and learning is the way I like run through life. I love it when Mormons reach toward greatness. I will be randomly checking in. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey I know you're not accepting new comments for your swimsuit post but I just had to commend you on yor excellent post!!! You said things I have always thought and you were so dead on. The funny thing is that I totally saw the swimsuit video on Facebook and was totally on board. However after reading your post I couldn't agree more with the flaws in that kind of logic! I have a young daughter who I allow to dress more "scandalous" than most other little lds girls. (I.E. bikinis and sleeveless shirts) and I've always tried to instill that modesty is also so much more than how you dress it's about how you carry yourself. You cannot control other people's perceptions and you shouldn't try. Thank you a million times for this post. So refreshing and balanced and level headed. Well done.

  5. I just finished reading your post on the response to the modesty video. Then I come to your "about me" section and see that you "despise Abercrombie and Hollister." Are you applying your same principle that people should "wear what they want and what they feel comfortable in?"
    Don't get me wrong. I thought your article was insightful, made some good points. I don't like those clothiers either.